Monday , February 17 2020

4 Reasons to Install Glass Shower Screens for Your Bathroom

Nowadays, the spectrum of options for bathroom styling and decoration is certainly broad. There are different sizes, colors and glass options of shower screens to choose from to match your décor and preferences. Styling your bathroom with glass shower screens is important because they are the most intimate space of your house and therefore every small detail counts. Carrying out bathroom decoration can be costly with glass screens but the end results of the entire process are certainly amazing.

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Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider using glass shower screens for your bathrooms.

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Beauty and elegance

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Glass shower screens always look attractive and they give bathrooms a luxurious look. This is particularly the reason why they are most common in five star hotels.

Easier cleaning

This is especially true if you have the frameless glass shower screens, which are also much heavier and thicker than the framed ones. Unlike the shower curtains which may need frequent replacements, glass screens are easier to clean and once installed do not need frequent replacements. Cleaning can be done at least once in a week.

Shaped glass

Using shaped glass has not been in use for long. This feature makes the glass screens more attractive and also reduce the need for mechanical parts. This is a great feature which improves the life of your shower screens.

Longer life span

The frameless shower screens have a standard thickness of up to 4 mm, however, there are enclosures which are much thicker than this by up to 8 mm. The thickness plays a key role to the life span of the glass.

The beauty that glass shower screens give your bathroom is certainly glamorous so you won’t hesitate having them in place.

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