Tuesday , September 10 2019

5 Simple Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom is an essential part of your home and there lies a great deal in making it more fashionable and elegant. Modern bathroom vanity is a must have for any type of modern bathroom. The following vanity ideas will see you through attaining a modern guise for your bathroom vanity.

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Attractive color

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A turquoise vanity creates a classic and bold look for the modern bathrooms. You can also choose to have your vanity painted in attractive colors that much the décor of your home.

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Saving on space

If you have a bathroom that’s insufficient of space for a grand vanity or several cabinet banks, you can as well decide to fill the empty wall with a built-in storage pack. These types of cabinets are only toilet paper roll deep.

Replacing vanity handles

Rather than having the typical metal handles for your bathroom cabinets, why not replace them with gold painted handles to make them more elegant and contemporary.

The contemporary walls

The wall styling of your bathroom matters a lot to the beauty that your vanity poses. With a wallpaper that has patterned brown and white colors create a striking backdrop for your modern vanity. The texture, color and other details should complement to the geometric motif of your wallpapers.

The mirrored vanities

With a small sized bathroom, styling becomes one heck of a challenge. Creating an all-white theme for your bathroom makes your tiny bathroom feel a lot more airy and lighter. When you mirror your cabinets, it just boosts the appearance and prevent the wall cabinets from dominating the small available space. The vanity mirrors also reflect light making the room appear more spacious.

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