Friday , February 14 2020

A few bathroom shower designs to get you started on remodeling

If you are looking to remodel your house, then it is time you finally realized what luxury in the shower actually means. Showers have evolved from a utility to an accessory of comfort and luxury that you can install in your bathroom for not just bathing, but also for a host of other reasons. However- if you have just started on remodeling, then all of this may be a little too much for you. With a few bathroom shower designs, you will get an idea of what you can get out of your preferences and what it will look like.

bathroom shower designs - 4bathroom shower designs - 4

If you have a lot of place to install a shower, then a midcentury bathroom, with a curb less shower and mosaic tiles would make just the ideal spot for you. Add in wooden cabinets with a medium tone, quartz counter tops along with a two-piece toilet and grey tiles with white walls to get a bathroom that is pleasing to the eye and very functional at the same time. This is one of the most popular bathroom shower designs for large areas.

bathroom shower designs - 5bathroom shower designs - 5

If space is not a luxury for you, then you can go in with a mounted shower along with glass shower doors enclosing the shower from the rest of the bathroom. The benefit of having glass door is that it makes even a smaller area look spacious and more airy, thus adding in a layer of freedom and comfort in the small space.

bathroom shower designs - 7bathroom shower designs - 7

These are just some bathroom shower designs to get you started- you can explore more to figure out as to what would make up the best shower for you!

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