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A few ideas on the kinds of bathroom vanities that you can get

Are you looking to remodel or design your bathroom, giving it the look that you have always wanted? Whether you want a modern, vintage or even a contemporary look- the most important element of any of these will be the bathroom vanities that you get. The right kind of vanity is what will help the entire room to shine, and to help you with just that, here are some ideas for creating a perfect ensemble with the right kind of mirrors and vanity top.

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For a darker and more antique look, you can remake stock vanities, using gold hardware and navy-blue paints. Top these with a white counter, along with hardware that is oil-rubbed bronze. This will make the collection of bathroom vanities much more expensive, and with extra storage solutions (like shallow shelves), you will have a functional set of vanities as well.

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For the right kind of vintage and modern blend in your bathroom, you can take dresser-styled vanity. This will not just give you separate areas for grooming, but also add in an upscale- sort of look to the functional areas. With soft-gray paints along with cabriole legs, you will be able to complement the monochromatic color pattern in the room. For color schemes in traditional bathroom vanities, you can chose spring-green paint coating. This is especially meant for a vanity that has doors and drawers, along with a marble countertop.

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These are just a few of the ideas that you can check out for bathroom vanities- the more you explore and add your creativity too, the better will your bathroom look!

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