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Add drama to your bathroom with these shower door ideas

Bathrooms are no longer the least looked after portions of the house. People are now ready to go that extra mile to glam up their bathing space in as many ways as they can. One of the most convenient and effective way to do this is by choosing a shower door that will not only keep the rest of the bathroom dry but also add instant drama to the entire room. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Frameless door

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Create the effect of increased space with a solid frameless glass door enclosing the shower area. The continuity of the glass gives the impression of more area in your bathroom than there really is. Furthermore, the absence of a complicated framework makes maintenance work fairly easy for you.

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Get creative with frame designs and the materials used for your shower door. The most common ones in use are steel and aluminium frames. Being water and rust resistant, they are both durable and extremely stylish. A less popular but very classy option would be to look at faux wooden frames.


The door to your shower depends on the area in the shower is placed. A corner cubicle will demand a semi cylindrical door while a shower area placed against a wall will require flat doors varying between square and rectangular doors.

Glass type

An interesting way to add drama is to play around with the glass type in your shower door. You can choose from amongst many including frosted, plain, etched, or even custom make a glass painting on it.

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