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Choosing right bathroom toilets

Bathroom toilets are the things which are to be chosen with proper specifications. There are number of toilets in the market. Most of the people prefer to have the elongated toilet bowls as they are more comfortable but a small bathroom should have round bowl so that it saves space. …

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Choosing material for deep bathtubs

Bathtubs are the most relaxing part of any bathroom. Whenever you feel tired, the first thing you get into your mind is to bath in the bathtub. There is variety of bathtub available and they are available in different colors. The most commonly used color of deep bathtubs is white. …

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Types of tiles bathroom

The look of your bathroom is highly dependent on the type of tile that you have used. Thus it is important that you select the tiles bathroom properly. Every house has one important room which is commonly used by many people. The tile selection needs great attention and fro some …

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Maintaining beauty of white bathroom tiles

Nowadays people give great importance to their bathroom along with the rooms. Earlier were the times when people only used to have good furniture in rooms but now the bathrooms are also very fashionable. Each and every thing in a bathroom is chosen properly and as per the theme. The …

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How to choose double bathroom vanities

The double bathroom vanities come in few options for the bathroom. When you are buying the double bathroom vanities the first thing to be considered is who will be using it. They range from the furniture like vanities to the conventional cabinet vanities. The sink vanities comes in various styles …

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Enjoy sea atmosphere with nautical bathroom accessories

The nautical bathroom accessories makes a bathroom look relaxing. If you love ships, sea then the nautical theme is the best option for your bathroom. If you are the type of person who think ship to be one of your home then you should opt for the nautical bathroom accessories. …

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Let purple bathroom accessories glorify your bathroom

Be quirky with how you design your bathroom and associate it with the dark color of magic, power and mystery, the almighty…Purple. Purple is a rich color between crimson and violet made up of the color blue and red. Its also called violet but there’s a slight difference, which may …

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