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Bathroom Basin: Need of every home

Bathroom basin is one of the bathroom accessories that are used to wash hand, mouth etc. It is a bowl and sinks shaped wider from an upper side and become shorter from the downside. It can be installed in the bathroom and out of the bathroom as well. It is also called a kitchen sink. It is an enclosed or shortly enclosed water area. It keeps the water into a range so your clothes remain the safe.

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Types of Bathroom Basins

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There are many types of wash basins, the types can be defined by the materials by which it is made of.

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Pedestal Basins

This basin hides the waste and water supply pipes under it. The pedestal used under it also provides the support. The dimension of pedestal basin is almost 500mm to 700mm wide. This dimension can slightly vary from the point of view of a maker.

Wall Hung Basins

A wall is built around these basins. This is a modern type of the basins this basin varies from 350mm to 500mm. Only drawback of this basin is that plumbing is invariably on show. This is the modern type of basins.

Corner Basins

This basin is used at the corner of the bathroom or room. It’s usually a space saver basin. These are available in small sizes rather than full sizes.

Recessed Basins

These basins can be recessed into the wall. These are useful in the small areas and washrooms. Recessed basins are becoming more popular in modern era.

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