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Bathroom décor ideas for a small bathroom

If you thought that having a stylish or luxurious bathroom was only meant for a large room, then you have never been more wrong! Functional and stylish bathroom designing is all about making the most of the space and budget that you have, no matter how large or small it may be. With a few simple bathroom décor ideas, you can make any bathroom luxurious, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

bathroom decor - 1bathroom decor - 1

If you have limited space but it is enough to have a bathtub in, then alcove tubs are your best bet. Getting an alcove tub to fit in your bathroom décor is not that hard a task- just the installation is a little complex. You can get a tub with matching tiles around it, and extend this style to your sink. A shade of white with some light textures is a great idea for a small bathroom.

bathroom decor - 3bathroom decor - 3

With gilded fixtures, you not just make the most of the space that you have, but also give the bathroom a new look with these shiny accessories. Couple these fixtures with sky-blue tiles and a coat of white paint to make the bathroom décor pleasing and welcoming. If you want something a little darker, then you can get a mix of metallic and marble showers and vanity, along with feature tiles for the floor and the shower. This will give your bathroom a blend of traditional and modern look.

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There shouldn’t be anything to stop you from getting your dream bathroom- and limitations such as time or budget only exist till you have a great bathroom décor idea that breaks these limitations and gives you what you want!

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