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A Bathroom is a place to relax or recharge but should have enough illumination so that you can do your essentials in a very congenial and comfortable environment. A good lighting plan for the bathroom means placing ample light where it is most needed for showers, shaving or applying make-up or for the general enhancement of the bathroom.

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The best choice of bathroom lights is strip lights and wall lights. Strip lights help in reducing shadows while applying makeup or while shaving with precision. These come as globes or as upturned or downturned cups. Wall lights are scones or brackets that add a decorative edge to the bathroom and also help in complementing the overhead lights. Vanity lights should be positioned either horizontally over the mirror or are mounted on either side of the mirror to cast a better light on the face without any shadows. Recessed ceiling lights on the other hand should never be installed directly over the mirror as they tend to cast shadows over the face.

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For a crisp white glow, bathroom lights should be either a halogen bulb or a compact fluorescent bulb.  Dimmers can also be installed not only to conserve energy but to provide a soothing ambience while relaxing in the tub or shower.  For the shower a recessed light is the best option as it will always be continually exposed to water. Make sure to get a water resistant trim with a glass lens over a free standing shower or tub.

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