Wednesday , February 12 2020

Bathroom makeovers – On a budget

A challenging space to decorate in a house is the bathroom. The most important point during bathroom makeovers is to keep the place as cozy and comfortable as possible. Many a times bathroom makeovers could get too extravagant and confusing. One must also be careful to not go over the budget allocated here as it could get overwhelming quite rapidly. Some of the places where one could work with during a bathroom makeover on a budget are listed here.

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Light fittings – Bathrooms are easily overlooked when it comes to light fittings, at the same time, there are a whole load of beautiful options available for the lights. One could easily opt for small size chandeliers, or modern light fittings which completely hide the wiring for these lights.

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Smart flooring – Floors are probably most tricky options when it comes to bathroom makeovers. One must want to get floors which are of low maintenance and hide dirt easily. Wood is never an option as a floor for bathrooms. The most common ones are tiles. However, one overlooked style of flooring and probably the best for bathroom is the slate tile flooring, polished or unpolished is one of the best options.

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Smart furniture and pipe fittings – The final point which completes a bathroom makeover is the choice of furniture and pipe fittings. The most common ones here are the wooden furniture for storage. The pipe fittings come in variety of different shapes and forms. They range from the conventional styles to modern ones. So much that the shower fittings even come with LED lights for the extra glamour touch. The bathroom could be innovatively segmented into different parts. To make sections between different parts of the bathroom, stained glass is the most favored option. The best about all these points is that they come with great budget control.

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