Tuesday , January 21 2020

Bathroom tile designs – Latest trends

Flooring is an important aspect for any part of the house, and when it comes to bathroom floors, there are scarce options one has to select from. Wooden flooring is something most would not associate with the bathroom, simply due to high moisture content. The most common style of flooring for bathroom has been tile flooring. They are easy in maintenance and give a neat and smart outlook to the bathroom. The current market displays a wide range bathroom tile designs from which one can select. Some of the latest trends in bathroom tile designs are listed here.

bathroom tile designs - 1bathroom tile designs - 1

Plain tiles – The great thing about plain tiles are that they come in a wide range of different colors, which could be matched with a great contrast. Plain tiles are commonly found in most of the bathroom floors as they are easy to maintain. So much so, that they are also found on the walls of the bathroom up to certain height. It is an innovative solution as one does not need to deal with the fungi problem, when they have tiles on the walls.

bathroom tile designs - 4bathroom tile designs - 4

Patterned tiles – This type of bathroom tile design come in a variety of different patterns. Mostly they are found to have a white background with patterns drawn out. One must be careful here while installing such tile as these patterns need to match in a particular else it could give a pretty confusing outlook.

bathroom tile designs - 5bathroom tile designs - 5

Stone tiles – One of the overlooked concepts for bathroom tile design. This type of bathroom tile is coming up and turning out to be a preferred option for two main reasons; hiding dirt and resistance. Usually plain and the patterned tiles are found to be slippery, however, in case of stone tiles when left unpolished, offer good resistance against slipping.

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