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A tile is a piece of  hard material like ceramic, porcelain, stone, metal or glass often installed on the floor, walls and showers.  Bathroom tiles range from the simple square tiles to the complex mosaics and other intricate designs and patterns in irregular shapes and sizes for a designer look. Thinner tiles are used for the walls while a thick and more durable tile is required for the flooring. Other options besides tile can be marble, onyx, granite or slate.

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The most popular bathroom tile ideas are classic ceramic tiles, as they are both durable and stain resistant. In modern bathrooms placement of tiles are done in many ways to highlight the different areas. A sense of infinite space can be created by using the same textured tiles of different shapes and sizes and also to create a division between the wet and dry area. If you want your bathroom to have a hotel like feeling than the entire space of the wall and floor can be covered in the same tile and color. Contrasting colored tiles for the wall and floor look quite amazing. Cream tiles for the walls and tub with an attractive trim, while the floor can be in black tiles with marble hexagon mosaics to create a border. For a trendy look you can use glazed tiles in two or three shades of the same color. Tiles are installed vertically to give an illusion of height. If different sizes of the same color are used for the walls and the flooring you can emphasize the space while adding a sense of visual texture.

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