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A bi-fold shower door is a door that allows the door to fold in on itself in a concertina way. A certain amount of free space is required outside the shower enclosure for the door to open. Rather than wasting space for the door to open outside a bi-fold door folds across towards the corner of the frame without any hindrance to the shower area or outside.  A bi-fold shower door is very functional as it allows placing other useful fittings like a tower rail right outside the shower area without any problem.

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Bi-fold doors are very sturdy and reliable as they come with a toughened safety glass that ensures high level of safety. The best quality frames and the closing mechanism of the doors ensure that the door will withstand the test of time despite being used several times during the day. All the mechanisms are manufactured according to the strictest standards and undergo the most rigorous tests, so you can rest assured the high quality of the bi-fold shower doors will definitely match all the other good quality fittings of your bathroom. Bi-fold shower doors come in various sizes that suit small enclosures to the larger ones, and they are adjustable to suit any walls while creating a watertight seal. These doors come with chrome or white options to match with the other fittings of the bathroom. You can even match the round or square door knobs with the shape of your taps and faucets to create symmetry.

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