Friday , December 14 2018

Buying bathroom tiles- what you should know before you do so

Bathroom tiles are easily the first thing that a person looks for while starting a remodel or design of the bathroom. Selecting the right kind of tile for a bathroom should be an informed decision- and you should not just go by appearances or by what anyone says.  If you have a specific kind of tile that you must have in your bathroom, then pick that first- and make sure it is compatible with your bathroom.

An important thing to keep in mind while looking for bathroom tiles is to not have more than three kinds of tiles- no matter what kind of pattern or color scheme you are looking for. These three kinds include tiles for your tub-shower as well as the walls; floor tiles and accent tiles that would make up a focal point. However- this is just a tip- you may play around with this one a little bit as far as you know what you are trying to do.

One thing that people do not account for while looking at bathroom tiles is the amount of maintenance that will be required.  No one likes cleaning and scrubbing off tiles-, which is why ceramic, and porcelain tiles are a popular choice as they are almost maintenance free. Glass tiles, while extremely pretty, are also quite slippery, not making them a very wise choice for the floors. Similarly, textured stone tiles, though beautiful, should not be used near the bathtubs or areas that are likely to get wet. With a few simple points like these, you should be able to make the right choice as you shop for bathroom tiles.

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