Tuesday , April 30 2019


How to choose bathroom lighting?

Bathroom is the place where we lock ourselves and expect to get privacy there. So it is necessary that the bathroom is made a luxurious and relaxing place. So bathroom lighting should be given importance. There are 4 types of lighting that are needed in the bathroom; task, decorative, sparkle …

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Ideas for bathroom remodel

When you are planning for the bathroom remodel, don’t be under impression that a small bathroom will not cost much. The fact is that even a small bathroom can cost much. During the bathroom remodel make sure that you keep all the needed things handy. The necessary things like vanity …

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An overview of white bathroom vanities

There are many different color scheming options that you might go for while constructing a new bathroom or renovating your old one. You can go for sharp and blunt colors and you could also opt with lighter colors. Lighter colors are always considered to be more sophisticated and appealing as …

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Varieties of bathroom sinks

Bathroom sink is the thing for which number of options is available. So when you are planning to buy the bathroom sink, first of all think which room you want to have the bathroom sinks and which type of bathroom sink is needed as per your use. The top mount …

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An overview of blue bathroom accessories

Decorating a nice bedroom and bathroom for your little boy seems to be a fun job but it may get a little tricky at times. While decorating the bedroom, first of all you need to decide a color scheming. There are various choices but the most popular one is to …

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An overview of yellow bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories prove to be something that finalizes the look and theme of a bathroom. You can opt for many different choices when it comes to bathroom accessories that are available in a variety of different colors, styles and types. Buying the right type of bathroom accessories can not only …

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An overview of pink bathroom accessories

In the past years, bathrooms were considered to be rooms that were used for washing purposes only. But with the evolution of time, bathrooms have now become a lot more than that. They are now more comfortable and are thought of as your personal space in order to relax and …

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Decorating your bathroom with vintage bathroom accessories

Do you love vintage accessories? For some people, vintage is a way of life. They experienced these things back when they weren’t vintage, and now, these vintage accessories hold a spot in their hearts. Others people just like how vintage accessories look like. Whether you’re in the first camp or …

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Exquisite shower heads ideas for your bathroom

Bathroom shower puts your designing skills to test because you want it stylish and simultaneously functional. To make the bathroom look chic and splendid, take care of the small details while designing the layout. The ideas described here are a little inside to how you can design your shower with …

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