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Clawfoot bathtubs or alcove tubs-, which is the better choice?

A bathtub is one of the most important accessories in the bathroom- not just because of its use or functionality, but also because it adds to the décor of the bathroom, and can make or break the entire look of it. While some homeowners may think that clawfoot bathtubs and other contemporary styles are going out of fashion-, the experience of a warm bath that soothes and relaxes you is something that only a bathtub can give you. Finding the right bathtub is all about making the most of the space you have while keeping your preferences in mind.

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Freestanding tubs, as the name suggests, are not connected to any other surfaces or walls. These are all about freedom, and require a large space to be put in. Clawfoot bathtubs are what fall into this very category- they add a feeling of antiquity also to the house. This also means that you will probably need a house that is worthy of having such a tub in it.

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Increasingly popular choices of bathtubs in recent times are the alcove bathtubs- cheap to purchase and install. These are fitted in a 3-walled enclosure, and can be used in a shower-tub combination if the walls are fitted with panels or have tiles. It is most suitable for a small bathroom, as they help make most of the space that there is.

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There is no absolute answer as to which amongst clawfoot bathtubs and alcove tubs is the better choice. It all depends upon the space and budget that you can spare and offer to your bathroom.

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