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Decorating your bathroom with vintage bathroom accessories

Do you love vintage accessories? For some people, vintage is a way of life. They experienced these things back when they weren’t vintage, and now, these vintage accessories hold a spot in their hearts. Others people just like how vintage accessories look like. Whether you’re in the first camp or the second, there’s always room for these accessories in your home, even in your bathroom.

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Yes, it can be quite hard to pick and choose vintage bathroom accessories. There can be simply too many accessories to choose from – from decorations such as posters and art, to vases and pottery, to things that have utility value such as soap holders, containers, and so on.

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Then there is the question of authenticity. For some people, their vintage accessories have to be authentic, that is, these accessories have to have been around for a long time. Of course, these will be harder to find in a good, working, and presentable state, but it can be done. Places to look out for these are local yard sales, flea markets, and bazaars.

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On the other hand, there are also so-called “manufactured” vintage items. These things are usually mass-produced and are purposefully made to look old and worn out, when they really aren’t. Since they are brand new, these accessories can last longer (depending on how they are built), and can be easy to replace since they are quite common.

Whatever route you choose in decorating with vintage bathroom accessories, always remember to take into account your own personal tastes, and you’ll surely have a great-looking vintage inspired bathroom.

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