Thursday , February 13 2020


Gone are the days when a visit to the bathroom was for doing the essentials but in modern times bathrooms are stylish rather designer rooms that one loves to visit and spend some time to relax in the soothing ambience after a long day.

bathroom tile - 1bathroom tile - 1

Bathroom tiles have many features over other fixtures that makes it the best choice to be used on for the walls and flooring. Tiles are durable and easy to clean while freshening up your space. Tiles give a very clean and polished look to the bathroom and if maintained properly will preserve the aesthetic look too. You could make a statement with the tiles by either covering all the four walls with tiles or create a wainscoting by painting the top half of each wall. Tiles come in exclusive designs and colors so mixing and matching of tiles can create exotic designs. You can choose simple plain tiles for two walls but the other walls or a corner can be fitted with classic designer tiles or multi colored mosaics. Sometimes adding a strip of mosaic tile or colored patterned glass along the top end of tiles can create a typical border that can enhance the look of a wall or tiled cartoon figures can decorate the children’s bathroom. Similarly floor bathroom tiles of marble, granite or onyx designs can be incorporated on the floor of the bathrooms. For the flooring make sure that the tiles are water-proof and slip resistant. The color, size, shape, pattern and texture can be varied by using different materials for the walls, floor and the shower area.

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