Wednesday , November 13 2019

Display your good sense of style with these stunning bathroom design

If you need some change in your not so happening life and are tired of having to look at the same old interior of your home, a great way to feel refreshed is to start designing your bathroom and start afresh. Bring about this change with these exclusive ideas for bathroom designs

bathroom design - 1bathroom design - 1
  • The waterfall effect: Put little glass tiles to the shower area vertically to give a pretty waterfall illusion.
  • Pretty patterns: Create patterns with mixing and matching patterned tiles and give a splash of color instantly.
  • Add a motif: Want to create a sophisticated signature wall? A repeated pattern does the job for you!
  • Freestyle is stylish: If you don’t think going bold isn’t your style, then maybe freestyle is. Do whatever you feel at the moment and work wonders with your creativity.
  • That bling: A colored glass tile walls is the ultimate bling if you’re looking for a statement wall.
  • Go big: Put everything in your bathroom larger than life, frame it, and make it bigger. Make it better.
  • Keep the light coming: Letting the light enter the room makes it look airy and calm and also helps you make some vitamin D!
  • Glass shower doors: A classic look through and through! Glass shower door is the all-time favorite bathroom design ever.
  • Customize it: Add accessories and storage spaces and mirrors as you need them, eliminate the things you don’t want.

And lastly, less is more. A minimalistic approach is the best approach to a successful bathroom design avoiding overcrowding of the bathroom space.

bathroom design - 2bathroom design - 2
bathroom design - 4bathroom design - 4
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