Tuesday , November 12 2019

Dreaming of luxury bathroom

Having a luxury bathroom is always a dream of many people. The spa like royal ambience and rich feel can appeal anyone. Below are some ideas of transforming your bathrooms into luxury bathrooms. Decorating walls with geometrically shaped cut mirrors not only open up the space in bathrooms but also add vivacity to bathrooms. For a more royal and luxurious look you can add some fine and unique drapery. Laced, beaded and tasseled drapery with cozy fabric will boost the appeal of your bathrooms. Automatic toilet seat with self-cleaning function is a prevalent luxurious item.  For vanity items you can install double vanity or floating vanity since it is very much in vogue especially in US. Vanities with other classified features and with more storage features are also available. You can give a wow factor by introducing some antique tables and transforming them into vanity tables. If you want to introduce a bathtub then depending upon your available floor area choose the size of bathtub. If you are having sufficient supply of space then even a freestanding tub in the middle of your bathroom will give you roaming space around. For giving a flawless look to luxury bathrooms you can incorporate same texture and pattern in flooring, tubs and wall. Be sure to arrange extraordinary lighting to your bathroom area because lighting brings the real feel of place out. It not only covers unattended areas well but provides charm, elegance and aesthetics to the overall space.

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