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Easy Ideas to Re-do Your Shower Cubicles

Chunky bathtubs are not very economical when it comes to water usage and take up almost half the space in your bathroom. Replacing it with all-purpose shower cubicles not only optimises limited space but also creates a dramatic effect of layering in your bathroom. You get to choose from a wide variety to models and designs, and some even provide you with a music control panel, waterproofed, to enjoy some Beethoven while standing under falling water.

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Let your imagination sail while choosing a partition for shower cubicles. Besides the designs available in the market, you can get creative with DIY ideas and custom make your own curtain with shells and beads to suit your bathroom and personality. Ensure the materials you use are moisture resistant to avoid fungal growth.

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Sliding doors

A sophisticated and attractive way of separating the shower section of your bathroom is through a sliding door. This can be made of glass, stainless steel or faux wood. You can partition off the bathing area or even the dressing or wardrobe section of the bathroom through this kind of divider.

Glass enclosures

One of the most common materials that are used for shower cubicles is good old glass. With the same fungal and moisture resistibility as stainless steel, they can be used in bathrooms of all sizes to separate the bathing section from the rest of the room.

Brick walls

You can raise false brick walls to create a separate section for the bathing area. Leave the bricks exposed for an industrial, rough look, or have it painted or panelled in any creative way you please.

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