Thursday , January 23 2020

Exquisite shower heads ideas for your bathroom

Bathroom shower puts your designing skills to test because you want it stylish and simultaneously functional. To make the bathroom look chic and splendid, take care of the small details while designing the layout. The ideas described here are a little inside to how you can design your shower with shower heads.

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  1. Horizontal shower head: Give your master bath a diverse look with luxurious spa-like horizontally alligned shower heads to relax while home and soothe your body by lying in the shower.
  2. Vertical shower head: Or you don’t want to lay down and still feel royal? Vertically alligned shower heads are no less luxurious.
  3. The rain effect: Have a wide spaced perforated shower head to give yourself a refreshing feel of rain right inside your bathroom!
  4. Ceiling shower head: Want to relax while just standing in the shower and do nothing? Ceiling shower heads is the perfect solution for it!
  5. Temperature sensitive: Is the water too hot or too cold? Want to set a temperature to it? Temperature sensitive showers are made just for you!
  6. Multi shower head shower: Not satisfied how water works with only one shower head? Install multiple shower heads at different heights and of different sizes to enjoy your shower time.
  7. LED lit shower head: Illuminate it to go bright and lively!
  8. The waterfall effect: Imagine taking a bath in the tropical rainforests of Africa. This can be brought to the comfort of your home by installing a steep water shower head.
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