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A fiberglass shower can be installed as an alternative to ceramic or stone tile. Such shower units are affordable and comparatively easy to install and maintain and do not require regular sealing or cleaning like tiled showers. In fact fiberglass showers are the cheapest of shower units, even cheaper than the acrylic shower units. To make fiberglass showers a polyester resin is combined with woven glass fibers and then poured into a mould at an appropriate temperature to form a seamless solid piece. A fiberglass and resin mix provides strength to the shower. The next step is to remove air bubbles between the fiberglass reinforcement product and the gel coat. In this way air voids can be prevented which cause cracks. Strength is added to the product by wood reinforcement and foam strips that are placed on the wall and floor. Once the unit is removed from the mould it is sent for drilling holes for the drain, overflow and jets.

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Fiberglass being a less expensive material is susceptible to scratches and staining and easily loses its color too. Despite regular cleaning and maintenance it loses its luster and becomes discolored over the years.  Fiberglass showers are available in few standard sizes and limited colors. If you are not happy with the color of your existing fiberglass shower you can easily paint it into a color of your choice. These shower units often have built-in shelves included in the whole unit. One disadvantage of fiberglass showers is that they need to be replaced faster than other showers. If a fiberglass shower is damaged it can be repaired and patched easily at very little cost.

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