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Frameless Shower Screens: A necessity to your bathroom

Frameless Shower Screen is an absolute a necessity for a shower. Showers are incompletes without shower screens.  Shower screens keep the water into a range and don’t allow it to go out of that specified range. There are many types of frameless shower screens from those you can choose the best according to your taste and colors of the design of your home.

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Types of frameless shower screens

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Different types of shower screens are as follows

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Pivot doors screens

When many panels of a shower screen are fully fitted in a place except the pivot hinge on the door that allows the door to moves inward and outward is called Pivot door screens.

Sliding door screens

Sliding door screen has one or more fixed panel that allows a person to enter from one side to another by sliding the door inward or outwards.

Corner shower screens

From the name, it is observed that corner shower screen is the screen that is installed at the corner of the shower having two, three and more fixed panels allowing a person to go out or get in the shower.

Some other types of shower screens are as follows:

Fully framed Screen

In this screen, a frame is used around all the sides of the screen. It can create the traditional and classy look for the screen.

Semi frameless Screen

Frame is used on the screen but the door is still frameless these screens.

Full Frameless shower screen

No frame is used around the door and also around the sides of screens.

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