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Freestanding bathtubs – Get to know them

Bathtub, apart from bathing, is an intimate part of the bathroom. Hence one needs to consider quite thoroughly before selecting on a kind of the bathtub; freestanding bathtub or built-in. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here we will see some of the advantages and disadvantages of the freestanding bathtub.

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Decorative – Freestanding bathtubs are great in terms of creating an impact from the decoration point of view. They could be easily be found in most of the spas and luxury hotels. These are places that emphasize a lot on grabbing one’s attention through the interior decor.

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Uniqueness – There is always something unique and luxurious about the freestanding bathtub that makes one feel special. They have grandeur of a high profile bathtub and yet are very modest in their appearance.

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Space Efficiency – The very name, freestanding bathtub, gives it the freedom to be moved around, albeit some difficulties, nevertheless it’s always an awesome feel that one does not need to shower or bath in the same place on a daily basis.

Options – The very range of the options available for freestanding bathtubs makes them a very tempting and viable option or buying. They were found to be a pricey proposition before however, over the years they have gotten cheaper.

Even though loaded with these positives, they also come with quite a bit of disadvantages. The fact that the freestanding bathtubs need to be moved around makes it difficult for the plumbing work to follow. Apart from this the installation is quite tricky. They don’t need the extra fixtures that a built in tub generally need, at the same time, they are pretty heavy. The floor on which they are placed need to be able to support the weight of such a tub.

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