Tuesday , February 25 2020

Give an insight of your bathroom with shower doors

We usually spent a lot of our effort to design our living room and bedrooms but the bathroom often falls by the wayside when it comes to it. Terms like dingy and dark place are no more the description of your bathroom. The times are long gone when a shower curtain worked for the showers just fine. Now however a truly modern bathroom can fall short of style if the shower door isn’t up to the mark. How to make the entrance to the bathroom look extravagant with shower doors? Have a look at these ideas:

shower doors - 2shower doors - 2
  1. Glass panelled doors: The ultimate modern design which works for a variety of bathroom sizes and shapes is a glass panelled shower door.
  2. Sliding shower doors: A sliding shower door gives off a fashionable look to the shower.
  3. Frameless shower doors: Go minimalistic with a frameless shower door. Especially for small bathrooms, frameless shower doors avoid giving a margin to the bathroom, leaving it looking spacious.
  4. Built-in marble shower place: Be bold and extravagant about your style. Have a marble shower place made with half marble doors to give your shower a luxurious feel.
  5. Glass block shower door: If you don’t want to be very simple but love glass doors, go with glass blocks instead of basic glass doors.
  6. Tinted doors: Want to have some fun while taking a shower? Problem solved! Get some painting done on your door.
  7. Walk-in showers: Don’t want to install shower doors at all? Not a biggie! Don’t. Walk in showers are as chic as any other shower with a door attached to it!
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