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Brilliant engineering defines frameless pivot glass shower doors. These glass doors are balanced on upper and lower pivots without any obvious hinges. These doors are structurally very stable as they distribute the weight along the tiled floor thus enhancing any design or configuration. Some glass doors are fitted from floor to sidewall while others have glass to glass application. In some cases a support bar is used to give an additional support to the door.

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Sliding glass shower doors are an excellent way to save room in a small bathroom as there will be no danger of hurting someone with swinging doors. These glass doors are usually frameless available in standard sizes, sliding or swinging doors suitable for your shower or tub or they can even be customized according to your specifications. Frameless shower doors transform your bathroom into an open and spacious place. Earlier metal framed glass doors were used to hold the glass in place. But in these doors thin glass was used. The metal frames were not durable resulting in water and scum gathering on the metal frame leading to corrosion and mildew. Now the frameless glass shower doors are glazed with tempered glass making it structurally sturdy. Glass shower doors are of many types like clear glass, rain glass, frosted glass, bronze glass or the grey glass. Frameless doors are less expensive than their counterparts the framed ones and retain their good looks for years. Besides opening up tight spaces these glass doors add an elegance and style to the bathroom.

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