Thursday , February 13 2020


Whatever the style of your bathroom, a glass shower screen is definitely a must as it makes the bathroom look sleek and chic. Clear glass shower screens typically add a sense of class, modernity and style to your bathroom. Whether you go for a framed or a frameless shower screen they will surely benefit every bathroom they are installed in, as the advantages associated with them are enormous. The glass screen being transparent allows the other features in the bathroom to dominate like patterned tiles, vanity and other hardware and paint choices. Though shower screens are readily available in many sizes and designs, they can be customized according to your particular requirements too.

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A frameless bath screen can do wonders in the bathroom. They complement any style of bathrooms by expanding and brightening the space instantly. They bring an unmatched sophistication that is versatile enough to be integrated into any bathroom space. These glass screens are very low on maintenance as regular cleaning by removing soap residue and water stains can keep them clean and help in increasing their life span. Glass shower screens are very strong and sturdy as they are glazed with tempered glass. Due to this tempering these screens are scratch resistant as well as shatter proof.  All glass shower screens are not clear, other options are etching, tinting, frosting or antiquing.  A frameless glass shower screen thus allows natural light to enter the bathroom and create a sense of evenness and symmetry.

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