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The best shower walls that will suit the style of your bathroom are the frameless shower. Glass shower walls are usually made of heavy glass hardware with a thickness of 3/8” and ½”. The thickness of the glass depends on whether the glass will be attached to a wall or to another glass panel. You can select a patterned glass or one with a color tint. The low-iron glass is a premium glass that gives great clarity to showcase the tiles and other features in the bathroom.  Glass shower walls are available in many sizes but you can customize the shower walls according to your needs.  Heavy glass enclosures can be customized for making a shower of your dreams. It is possible to configure the shower walls complete with in-door or in-panel steam vents and etching.

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Glasses often used to make shower walls are the surface protection and the shower guard. The surface protection is a system that protects the glass in such a way that it fights off oil and water stains. Due to this no harsh or abrasive cleaners are requires to clean the glass of soap scum and mildew. The glass becomes scratch resistant too. Shower guard is another option that prevents the glass from damage due to hard water or humidity. Surface Guard glass is special glass that is treated with a patented ion beam process during manufacturing. In this way this surface of the glass is permanently sealed for showers and requires the minimum amount of cleaning.

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