Friday , December 14 2018

Gold bathroom accessories making bathrooms glint since forever

Gold, the color of the element gold, is the color of royalty and pure extravagance. Even a slight touch of gold gives an expensive look to almost anything and makes it look posh. When integrated in bathroom designs gold can work wonders! Gold bathroom accessories intensify the look of a normal bathroom interior and glorifies it ten folds.

For example:

Gold bathroom accessories like gold faucets, gold metal bars for towels and gold metal vanity handles installed in a simple all white bathroom interior extols its appearance to make it look lavish and brilliant giving it a vintage look. Perk it up by adding a statement antique heirloom bathroom mirror

Give a farmhouse effect to your bathroom by adding a claw foot gold and black tub in an otherwise simple white themed bathroom. Hang in a polished golden rod with ropes and place harvest colored jute storage baskets under the sink and enjoy a moment at the farmhouse while still at your city apartment!

Gold bathroom accessories and fixtures like a vintage hay collecting old gold colored sink in an industrial themed bathroom gives an else gloomy bathroom a rich look. Similarly a camp cottage with snow white bathroom fixtures and pale background can look vibrant with a gold faucet and shower.

Your bathroom will become a great relaxing spot if you just spa it up with gold bathroom accessories. Dark gold, brass-like candlestick holders and sunglow gold candles in a pale painted alcove in your bathroom will do the job.

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