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Designing a small bathroom can be challenging, especially given the fact that space is limited and the items you need for use I the bathroom are many. Through functional design however, you can design your small bathroom and make it look just like those perfect bathroom from the magazines.

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Add Decorative Storage

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You do not have to be limited to the cabinets that come with small bathroom design. You can add shelves on the bathroom walls where you can showcase your most unique and stylish item such as colored towels, bath salts, and even a picture frame. You can also opt for a ladder storage which can be colorful enough to add some flair to your bathroom design.

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Keep Colors Simplistic

This is in relation to the wall and floor coloring. It is advisable to use a bright monochromatic color on the walls to make the room appear larger, while the floors can have colors that will complement that of the wall. The rest of the items in the bathroom should also complement the floor tile and wall colors so that the room is not too overwhelmed with color.

Accent Your Bathroom Finishing

Accenting your bathroom finishing means placing emphasis on finishing such as showers and taps so that they stand out from the rest of the bathroom items. You can thus add chrome accessories, stainless steel finishing among others whose colors will stand out but still work well with the rest of the bathroom items to give your small bathroom design a clean look.

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