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Wednesday , August 21 2019

How can you install a shower stall?

You can successfully install your own shower stalls if you have carpentry and plumbing expertise and you can install them if you follow seek help from professionals and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on installation.

shower stall - 1shower stall - 1

Installing a shower stall requires prior panning in that you have to determine the most ideal location within the bathroom but you have to keep in mind that the stall has to be located within the proximity of the cold and hot water pipes and an easy access to the drainage system.

shower stall - 2shower stall - 2

Settle on a specific type of shower stall because there are different types for instance, the single piece, and the interlocking multi piece shower stalls. Purchase the shower stall that interests you and carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions.

shower stall - 3shower stall - 3

Installation of the shower stall

Prepare the intended location of your shower stall and it is advisable to remove the tiling on the floor and install it directly on the base of the shower floor. You are also required to locate a draining hole within the floor and cut the appropriate hole through the hole; this is where the plumbing expertise comes into play.

Build another frame on the floor to support the shower stall and install the prefabricated unit onto the support frame. Make sure that you hold the pan firmly and then slide it into place before screwing it. The next step is installation of the side bars of the shower stall and mount the stall onto the shower wall. Cover the frames with a dry wall and seal off all the open seams with caulk and the last step is painting it an attaching it to either a curtain or a shower door.

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