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How simple bathroom designs can add elegance to your bathroom

Not too keen on putting up a lot of effort in designing a bathroom, yet want it to look stylish nonetheless? Here are some simple bathroom design ideas for an easy bathroom transformation.

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Add a vanity: Adding a bathroom vanity is the ultimate solution to storage problems and hence it declutters your bathroom and leaves it looking prim and proper.

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Tidy it up: Fine edges of wooden countertops and a bathroom vanity in a white washed minimalist bathroom interior will exhibit neatness. This simple bathroom design is the most doable and effortless.

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Simple dimple: Less is more. Style isn’t about cramming your bathroom with everything fashionable. Even that will look unkempt and untidy. A simple bathroom design idea is to go with a neutral color scheme and pine wood flooring and that will do the job.

Utilitarian surfaces: Make use of your bathroom vanity countertops, storage shelves and that space under the sink. Keep a hamper there and you can put your laundry in it and save space!

Add a rug: Keep your bathroom floor slip free and drip free by placing a small rug on it. It will add style in addition to serving it’s main purpose.

Monochrome: A gold standard rule to go simple is to go monochrome. Chose a neutral color palette for your bathroom as it keeps the bathroom looking spacious and cozy.

Splash a color: With a monochrome theme, you don’t want your bathroom to look too dull and basic. Add a pop of color like a colorful towel or a multi colored vanity inside, to give it a flourishing touch.

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