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How to carry out bathroom decorations for small bathrooms?

Do you have a tiny bathroom and are seriously in need for bathroom decorations that can help you make your space appear bigger? The first and foremost rule for updating a small bathroom is to have shelves, ledges and cubbies that can help in creating a perfect space for toiletries, necessities and towels. Shy away from addition of decorative pieces and bulky furniture if you don’t have much space. Add a vanity or dresser and then install a countertop sink for maximizing space. This offers a modern and sleek look.

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When going for bathroom decorations, you can consider personalizing with details. Just because the space is small, it doesn’t imply that you cannot include your personal details in the space. You can consider adding mosaic or stone tiles instead of drab tiles. This would prove out to be less expensive than replacing the entire flooring. This will add color and depth to the space.

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If you have a wall that is bare, you can consider the addition of your family photos. You can as well consider adding statement mirrors. Avoid clutter in spaces that are small. Having clutter can make your space appear even smaller. You need to make use of the space wisely. You can consider investing in décor pieces and furniture that can serve dual purposes. You can consider opting for appropriate lighting. Maximize natural light if you have a window. You can invest track lighting if you don’t have a window. This makes the room appear longer.

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