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How to choose bathroom lighting?

Bathroom is the place where we lock ourselves and expect to get privacy there. So it is necessary that the bathroom is made a luxurious and relaxing place. So bathroom lighting should be given importance. There are 4 types of lighting that are needed in the bathroom; task, decorative, sparkle and accent. Task lighting is the type of bathroom lighting which helps you to see yourself properly. This light is to be kept at the mirror. The lights can be used with the sconces and this makes the perfect scenario for makeup, shaving, etc. try to avoid the lights above the mirror.

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Types of lights

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If you love art and enjoy it then the accent lighting in the bathroom is a good option. The accent bathroom lighting can give focused illumination to a piece of art in the bathroom like the bouquet of flowers. The decorative bathroom lighting adds the visual sparkle. If you are having a grand and rectangular bathroom then two or more fixtures should be installed to get the illumination.

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Candles can also be used in bathrooms as they give a different sparkle to the bathroom. The bathroom which have tall ceiling the ambient lighting suits the best. The ambient light is to fill the bathroom. Sconces can be used on large mirrors. The dimmers provide ambient light and it is useful near the tub area as the relaxation and romance is the priorities ate tub. The wall sconces provide both the ambient and decorative light. So combining all types of bathroom lighting provides a unique look.

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