Monday , January 27 2020

How to clean glass shower doors?

Cleaning glass shower doors can prove out to be quite challenging. This doesn’t imply that you need to make use of powerful cleansers that is laden with bleach, harsh chemicals and ammonia. Glass shower doors can be cleaned effectively without much hassle with the aid of simple yet effective tips.

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A mixture of water and baking soda is recommended for cleaning glass shower doors. Combine the mixture and put it in a container. Form a thick paste and rub it on the shower doors with the use of sponge that is not abrasive or with the use of your hand. Rinse the door with the use of vinegar. This paste works magically to clean your glass shower door in comparison to commercial cleaners.

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If you have sliding doors, then you need to clean the metal tracks as well. For this, you need to plug all the drain holes with the aid of a paper towel. Then track needs to be filled with vinegar and let it sit overnight. You can prevent the mold buildup and soap scum with the use of absorbent towel, sponge or squeegee. This will help in removing residue before its hardening. This also prevents mildew and mold by eliminating moisture. If you are utilizing a towel or sponge, then you need to make sure that you let it dry in between the uses. You can then clean the sponge for disinfection. Following this regimen can help you keep your shower doors clean all the time. Occasional spraying with water vinegar can impart shine to your glass shower doors.

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