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How to clean your bathroom doors

It is factual that bathrooms are always damp because of continuous accumulation of products we use and water therefore, it is important to constantly clean the bathroom doors and the good news is that you can use home products to keep them clean.

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Cleaning products

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You can either purchase a commercial cleaning product or you can use certain home product. If you opt for the home product, you will be required to prepare a baking soda solution; in a large bowl add water add then add half cup of baking soda and mix them thoroughly until you get a smooth paste.

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You can also prepare a vinegar solution by pouring a cup of distilled vinegar in a jar, vinegar is preferable because it is acidic in nature therefore it is capable of killing fungus, bacteria and germs and it also prevents build up of streaks.

Cleaning the bathroom doors

A spray bottle is perfect for this job, allow hot water to run in the bathroom while the doors are closed; the warmth is relevant because it aids in removing soap from your bathroom doors. Sprinkle your home made product using the sprinkler bottle. Using a sponge, rub the solution on your door and scrub off all the scum. Allow the solution to soak on your doors for a couple of minutes then wipe off the solution from the doors using another watery sponge.

Rinse the door with plenty of clean water then squeegee all the moisture and allow the doors to dry completely. Remember that you can keep your bathroom doors clean all the time by coating them with the rain repellent.

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