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How to Get More With Small Bathrooms Ideas

Small bathrooms usually leave so many home owners thinking there’s nothing or very little they can do to utilize the small bathroom space available. Well, with good small bathrooms ideas, it is possible to get the best out of your small bathroom and still make them appear less cluttered. It is seemingly difficult to organize everything in a small bathroom to appear neat without cluttering the space.

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Here are a few small bathrooms ideas to help you through the whole process.

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Consider making a combo

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You have always longed to have a tub and a shower for your small bathroom but hesitant to implement it due to the space factor. The truth is, it is possible to have both the tub and the shower in your small bathroom without giving much consideration to space.  You can opt to have your shower in the tub or choose a smaller tub and position your shower at the corner. Another option is to have a glass enclosure separate your tub and shower from the rest of the bathroom.

Keep it simple

Everyone loves the sophisticated details that come with ornate tiled floors. However, for a small bathroom, it is always better to keep the space simple to avoid the room looking overwhelmed with crisscrossing colors and patterns.

Include towel racks

There’s no way a bathroom is going to lack a towel rack no matter how small it is. Therefore, consider placing the towel racks above the tub for expediency as well as saving on available space.

Use mirrored walls

Mirrored walls create an impression of the available space being larger when it’s not. The mirrors on the walls also boost the elegant and chic look for your bathroom.

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