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How to make an informed choice while looking for bathroom cabinets

Choosing the right bathroom cabinets and vanity is an important decision. You do not just need to consider what appeals to you the most- but also the dimensions of the room, style as well as layout as you hunt for the perfect vanity. The first thing that you have to check is the cabinet quality grade. There are 4 basic grades available- custom, semi-custom, stock & RTA; and two construction approaches- namely frameless and framed. You can also get freestanding vanities for bath cabinetry.

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The next thing to look for in bathroom cabinets is the construction quality of the drawers- no matter what grade you chose, you should have drawers that are 3/8 to ½ inch thick. Stapled construction is something that you must avoid, and the drawers should open and glide smoothly without any noise. There should not be any sag when the drawers are fully extended. Since bathrooms go through a lot of wear and tear, selecting materials that are resistant to moisture and heat is essential. The more you spend, the better variety of material and finishing options you will get.  However, striking the right balance between these two factors is also important!

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Before you think of a design, be sure on what you are looking to store in the cabinetry. This will help you to get the kind of height and depth that you will require. Bathroom cabinets are not just a stylish accessory- they are an extremely functional part of your bathroom, which is why making an informed decision is something that you must do at all costs!

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