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How to make red bathroom accessories make subtle yet bold impact

Red is one of the primary colors of visible light. So rock your world with the rosy red. Afraid it will be too much for the eye? Don’t go for an overall red interior. Just add glamour to your home with a red themed bathroom. Or even less, only add splashes of red and give your bathroom an uber cool transformation and let the color of majesty cast its magic spell.

red bathroom accessories - 1red bathroom accessories - 1

The first step to the transformation is the paint job. Red, white and black striped wall will display boldness and confidence. With a red rug and a black basic sink, complete the look. Alternatively, add style to your bathroom with red accessories like an angular classic wooden bathroom vanity with a red countertop and a gold sink and maybe add a red hand towel beside a glass shower and go bold.

red bathroom accessories - 2red bathroom accessories - 2

Red color can vary in shades from pink to maroon or burgundy. A color grid wall of a red palette having solid red, scarlet, orange, bright pink, crimson, ruby red and pastel pink shades will flaunt red accessories of your bathroom. Similarly, a bright red sink and roses in a glass vase, together with a white bathroom vanity and white flooring will make the color grid wall stand out.

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Also, a strong crimson colored vanity in an all-white bathroom with a deep crimson rug in the middle of it is the best example of how red accessories can add panache in the most unexpected ways.

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