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Spa bathrooms are the staple for rich homes and expensive hotels which most of us only dream of having. Thanks to the design secrets of expert luxury bathrooms designers, you can now have your own expensive-like bathroom at home, with use of some little resources and effort. The secret to doing is to pay attention to the bathroom’s finish.

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Change Your Bathroom Fixtures

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Most of the luxury bathrooms we see either in magazines or on TV have very nicely finished fixtures. The taps, showers, door handles, towel racks among other fixtures often come in silver, brass or chrome. You can thus use one of these fixtures to bring out that clean and polished look.

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Use Large Mirrors

Most interior designers will tell you that mirrors have a way of enlarging a room and also of reflecting more light into any room. Luxury bathrooms are often never short on mirrors, and use large and ornate mirrors to complete the space. Use wall to wall mirrors that will not only achieve the flair but also save on use of tiles.

Pay Attention to the Vanity

A stylish vanity can truly transform the look of your bathroom. Since it mostly is the only piece of furniture in the bathroom, go for one that is simplistic and that has well finished countertops and a great sink.


This might seem odd but removing items sitting on the vanity’s countertop as well as on the way goes a long way in creating space and making your bathroom look anything but luxury. Store clean and fresh towels in the open, invest in bath salts and high quality bath oils as well as add a music system into your bathroom.

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