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Cleaning a bathroom tub is a chore that many people would avoid if it were possible to do away with it completely. However, because this is something we’ll have to do almost on a daily basis and the best we can only do is reduce the hassles that come with it. Maintenance is simple when you have the right tips and prepare a schedule that you must always follow. Here are tips, so you make your work easy and hassle free.

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Always Rinse after Use

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Make it a rule that once you are through showering, you rinse the tub down, so you make it clean and ready for use again. The problem with many people is leaving the tub for many days without washing. If you do so, it will be hard for you to make it clean and give it its glowing look. After rinsing it, turn on the shower for a minute and ensure that water is running. If you do so every day, cleaning your bathroom tub will never be an issue or hassle.

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Use Bath Scrubber

Cleaning with water only is not enough. You need to get something that will help you get to the grout and corner of the tub and the area around the drain. Bath scrubber will help you get to such places and keep your bathroom tub clean and always attractive.

With these simple tips, cleaning your tub will never be a hassle. It’s simple, but many people always take it as a hard chore to a point that some people hate doing it.

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