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Installing a Frameless Shower Doors

A frameless shower doors are beautiful addition to your bathroom. Establishing a frameless shower door can be a finishing touch to a fashionable bathroom.

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The door should come with hardware. In addition to the door will be screws, hinges, and a vinyl sweep to be placed properly under the bottom of the door.

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Step 1: Make Sure the Door Fits

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You need to take accurate measurements when purchasing fittings and doors. You must ensure that it fits the opening. If you want to use seals for hanging the door, you have to make estimate for their breadth. If no seals are used, the opening must be approximately .25 inches wider than the door.

Step 2: Prepare the Door for Installation

Locate the door handles and the hinges. Using screwdriver, attach the door handle and the hinges to the frameless shower doors. For a widest range of movement for adjustment, attach the hinges at the center of its opening. Tighten the screws by screwdriver or hand.

Step 3: Align Door in Proper Position

You need a wooden shim to elevate large fixtures. Use 0.225 inch shim. Raise the door from the floor to position it perfectly. Place the door in desired position.

Step 4: Drill Holes

To drill pilot holes in the tile use the masonry bit. To ensure that the screws are attached to the stud, use the stud finder. Screw the door using anchors.

Step 5: Place the vinyl sweep on the threshold.

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