Wednesday , November 13 2019

Is a stylish vanity essential for your bathroom vanity?

To style a bathroom, there are innumerable ways to be creative. From designing the bathroom to adding colors and fixtures, everything should complement each other so the bathroom becomes a stunning ensemble. Bathroom vanity is a necessity without a doubt. With the following intelligent ideas, make the bathroom vanity the centerpiece of your bathroom.

bathroom vanity - 1bathroom vanity - 1
  1. A floating vanity: A floating vanity adds visual space to your bathroom so it looks bigger, spacious and better.
  2. Inlaid cabinets: Why waste space when you can turn it into a workable storage cabinet and put your electronic appliances with built-in sockets
  3. A handy step stool: Especially for small kids who can’t reach up to the sink, this super convenient sliding step stool at the base of the bathroom vanity saves up space and adds style.
  4. Show your stuff instead of hiding it: If you have a master bath, give it a fascinating spa-like feel by showing off your bathroom essentials without a guilt.
  5. A neat bathroom: Or if you don’t have space to spare, try keeping it simple and tidy, storing away your toiletries.
  6. Storage under the sink: Use up the space under the sink by turning it into fancy storage cabinets and add metal bars in it for you to hang towels and other belongings.
  7. Long and lean: Every bit of the storage space counts when you’re running out of it. A very straightforward top to bottom cabinet can serve well as a medicine cabinet in addition to being a storage cupboard.
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