Friday , December 14 2018

Let purple bathroom accessories glorify your bathroom

Be quirky with how you design your bathroom and associate it with the dark color of magic, power and mystery, the almighty…Purple. Purple is a rich color between crimson and violet made up of the color blue and red. Its also called violet but there’s a slight difference, which may be important to a keen eye, that purple is closer to red. Add style with purple bathroom accessories to your bathroom, go bold and big or go simple and artistic, purple can do all.

Bring pops of purple in your bathroom for a feminine touch. Brighten up a classic black and white bathroom with an antique Venetian style mirror, some purple bathroom accessories like a plush fuchsia ottoman, basic lilac flowers, towels the shade of a plum and maybe a portrait of the same color. This will give a distinct dazzle to your bathroom.

Running low on budget? Give the bathroom a pretty purple patterned tile wall behind an essential, not too over the top white sink and see it looking astonishingly chic.

A metallic and marble themed bathroom gives futuristic vibes. Get a glass shower with metallic handles fixed in a purple stoned wall with a complementing marble sink and add white towels and a white rug to finish the look.

Want to go overboard with purple because you love it so much? Get all shades of purple bathroom accessories like a plum lamp, a violet round mirror on amethyst colored walls, white and phlox toiletries on a lavender sink and magenta vanity and see how glorious it looks.

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