Wednesday , February 12 2020

Light up your bathroom: bathroom vanity lights

The most important factor that must be taken into consideration is whether the bathroom that we design is comfortable to use or not. There are various factors that influence the utility of a bathroom. Almost everything from lightings to the storage space provided need to be carefully designed so that the entire bathroom looks stunning and also is comfortable to use.

bathroom vanity lights - 2bathroom vanity lights - 2

In the lighting department, one of the most important sections is the bathroom vanity lights. These need to be carefully selected or else many functions of the bathroom like grooming, shaving etc. would become extremely difficult than before. During the daytime lights may not be required but as the sun sets and the rooms gets dark, the importance of these lights become even greater.

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Choosing the right bathroom vanity light is a very tricky task. The light must be of the ideal intensity because if it is very dim then the vision would be affected and if it too bright, then again vision becomes difficult. The power of the light depends on its location. If it is too far away from the person’s face then the power needs to be high, and if the light is nearby then it need not be of high power.

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Also the light chosen must be energy efficient. While considering this factor the ideal choice is LED lighting. They are extremely durable and at the same time use very little amounts of energy.

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