Wednesday , January 22 2020

Luxury and functionality with these bathroom designs

Remodeling a bathroom is something that homeowners look forward to a lot- and making the best of that opportunity while it is still there is all about making your dream bathroom designs a reality. Bathrooms can the most expensive room to remodel or renovate, and can be a dealmaker or breaker while you buy or sell a home. Thus, you should go in for bathroom designs that do not just look great; but also work for everyone in the household.

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If you are looking to design your master bathroom in a more contemporary fashion, then you can add in flat-paneled cabinets along with quartz counters and porcelain tiles and floors- all of it with gray walls ad beige tiles. This will not only give the bathroom a luxurious feel, but also add a great degree of functionality to the entire room. Alternatively, in a rather different design scheme, you can go with black cabinets, an under mount sink with shelves that allow a great degree of storage without the need for going in the deep cabinet.

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Open shower along with pebble tiled floors come together to give the bathroom a blend of contemporary and modern feel. A glass door is also a timeless classic- suitable for almost all kinds of bathrooms. It not only adds in a degree of style, but is also easy to maintain and requires almost no cleaning, especially suitable for a shower door.

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Thus, with bathroom designs such as these, you will be able to make a bathroom that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time.

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