Wednesday , October 23 2019

Make bathroom mirrors your style statement

Mirrors are an essential bathroom accessory, but usually lack style when it comes to it. Pretty bathroom mirrors often create a distinct aura of self-empowerment and strength. And so these brilliant bathroom mirror ideas might help to make a style statement with. Whether you are aiming on redecorating your entire bathroom or just need to do a few adjustments:

bathroom mirrors - 2bathroom mirrors - 2
  1. Double the fun: Two sinks naturally call for two mirrors positioned above in a his-and-her set up, the classic bathroom layout.
  2. Two plus two makes three: A pair of bathroom mirrors doesn’t necessarily mean there have be two sinks, just adding a large vanity does the job.
  3. Multiple mirrors: No hard and fast rule dictates a need of two mirrors in a bathroom. You can have four, or five, or more well-placed mirrors, giving off a spacious look.
  4. Be quirky: With distinctive mirror shapes and intricate designs be unique with the style.
  5. Oval orbs: The rough boundaries of a linear vanity is smoothened by the round edges of these ovular bathroom mirrors.
  6. Stoned to perfection: A sleek mirror against a rock wall is the way to elegant bathroom styling.
  7. Mix and match: To have buzz in the room throw in different kinds of mirrors of distinct shapes and sizes and textures and arrange them in the most complementing way.
  8. Studded and stunning: Mirrors that are studded makes the space fancy so a twinkle here and there does the trick!
  9. Traditional: With a basic background, a traditional bathroom mirror adds charm to the bathroom space gracefully.
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