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Making the most of what you have with these bathroom ideas

Have you been looking to remodel but do not have many bathroom ideas to help you out? Do not worry- this is quite a common problem that most people face, and all you need is a bit of inspiration to help you get on the right path of bathroom remodeling and designing. If you have a small space in your bathroom, but want to make it extremely functional, then the first element of focus should be the vanity. With furniture styled vanities, you not only have a timeless classic in your bathroom, but also create a big impact in a small space- you can get them either ready-made or custom built as per your specifications.

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The kind of shower, tub or combination that you want is also of importance. For small spaces, the best bathroom ideas require a bathtub-shower combination, something like an alcove bathtub (a tub that is fixed in a three-wall enclosure space). Add in a towel rack just above the tub to save on some precious wall space, and you have for yourself a highly functional bathing area in that small space.

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As far as the color scheme goes, light colors, especially white, will help you make the space feel bigger and more airy. Add in a glass door and/or a glass separator for the bath area, and you have made the room look bigger as well as used one of the best bathroom designer elements to your advantage. With bathroom ideas such as these, you should be able to make the most of the space you have- no matter how big or small.

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