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Mixer showers are showers that combine hot and cold water and produce a stronger flow of water of the right temperature required to take a bath. Mixer showers mix the existing cold and hot water in a valve where it is blended before coming to the shower head. They can be surface mounted where the pipe work is fitted on the existing surface and flush mounted where the pipe work is hidden behind the surface. Mixer showers are ideal for installing in a shower cubicle or to create a shower within a bath and the best feature is that the pipes are not visible being hidden in the wall.

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A thermostatic mixer shower is an excellent shower that maintains the exact temperature needed for the duration of the shower. It mixes hot and cold water to a pre-selected temperature and in case of a change in the pressure or temperature of water supply, it will react instantly and automatically switch off. Thus there are no sudden changes in the water supply or the temperature of the water if any other tap is turned on. Safety, convenience and economy are the three main benefits of a mixer shower. There is no risk of scalding due to any sudden increase in temperature and at the same time water and energy is saved over a period of time. There is a wide variety of mixer showers available in various styles and functions from the vertical bar mixer to the new mini space saving mixers that can be fitted in small spaces.

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